Principal Investigator

Prof. Artem Korobenko

Assistant Professor

Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

University of Calgary

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Graduate Students

Mr. Sujal Dave

Ph.D. Student

Machine-learning and ROM for turbulent flows

Mr. Eleftherios Tzima

Ph.D. Student

Fluid-Structure Interaction for marine engineering applications

Mr. Adrian Carriba

Ph.D. Student

Numerical modeling for turbulent combustion

Mr. Jesus Sanchez Gil

Ph.D. Student

Turbulence modeling for compressible flows

Mr. Musaddik Dhalwala

M.Sc. Student

Design and analysis of hydrokinetic turbines using VMS method

Mr. Tyson Migadel

M.Sc. Student

Numerical modeling for turbulent combustion

Mr. David Codoni

Ph.D. Candidate

Numerical modeling for hypersonic flows and fluid-thermal-structure interaction (FTSI)

Mohammad Hameed.jpg
Mr. Mohammad Hameed

M.Sc. Student

Risk-based UAV Path Planning


Mr. Haoyang Cen

Ph.D. Candidate

Numerical modeling for environmental flows with stratification

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Mr. Ahmed Bayram

Ph.D. Candidate

Variational Multiscale Methods for Marine Engineering Applications

Mr. Derek Lastiwka

Ph.D. Student

Design and optimization of a novel ramjet intake system

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Undergraduate Students

Visiting Students

Former Students

Mr. Henry Stoldt

M.Sc. 2021

Verification and Validation of Open-Source Simulation Tools for Supersonic Aircraft Aerodynamic Analysis

Ethan Kirkby.jpg
Mr. Ethan Kirkby

NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) Student, 2020

Numerical Modeling for High-Speed Compressible Flows

Mr. Carlos Forigua

M.Sc. 2020

Parametric and Wake Study of a Ducted Propeller using VMS


M.Sc. 2020

Variational Multiscale Framework for Analysis of Wind Turbines in Complex Terrain

Mr. Michael Ravensbergen

Ms. Amnah Saleem

Program for Undergraduate Research Experience (PURE) Student, 2019

Numerical modeling for ramjet combustion

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Ms. Yu Ning Dai

Summer Research Student, 2019

CFD and FSI for High-Speed UAVs

Mr. Richard Gao

NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) Student, 2017.

Turbulent flows and applications

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Ms. Sarah Schmidt

Mitacs Globalink Student, 2018

Structural analysis of wind turbine blades using Isogeometric Analysis (IGA)

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